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Online tutoring in Organic & Bio-organic Chemistry - GRE & MCAT Preparatory

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Student Reviews and Testimonials

He clarified some really confusing concepts and went in depth to show why and how certain things work the way they do! It was helpful and insightful!

- Sijil P. from Grapevine, TX


Worked with me over practice exam problems that I sent him. Extremely organized and helpful, when it comes to sending me extra materials and looking at any things I send him. Really breaks down the basics for me, although can be hard since he does not always know what I have been taught and sometimes can go over my head.

- Sara S. from Fargo, ND


Dr. Alan is clearly an expert in teaching, he asks you to repeat the material with your own words to check for understanding and very helpfully reviews material at closure to re emphasize the topics covered. Extremely helpful.

- Diana W. from Pittsburgh, PA


Alan explained the math portion of the chemistry lesson in a way that was understandable. He provided other materials ahead of time that helped with the lesson. The value was very good for the cost. I would use him again.

- Tracie O. from Flower Mound, TX


Dr. M helped me prepare for a test by working on problems on balancing equations and figuring out different reaction types for chemistry.

- Jordan G. from Garland, TX


I was always told Organic Chemistry is a very difficult class in college. I wanted to get a preview of the concepts in this class before I took it in my spring semester. I started tutoring with Alan during winter break before school restarted. He was very accommodating and really cared about how well I understood the information. He had a vast knowledge of the subject and was able to teach me the basic foundations so I could better understand the complex concepts. He has continued to help me even after my classes with him have finished and I know he has been truly instrumental in my Organic Chemistry understanding.

- Lisa M. from Plano, TX


Dr. M's years of experience as a university professor allow him to answer questions flawlessly without hesitation. He knows his stuff backwards and forwards. He is also able to break down the material in an understandable way. Despite his vast, comprehensive knowledge of his area of expertise, Dr. M. does not make you feel stupid if you ask an elementary question. He is patient and understanding, unlike some professors on his level. He can break down the material in layman's terms, though he pushes you to master the vocabulary necessary to speak about organic chemistry intelligently. In addition to feeling more confident about the subject area itself, I felt supported by Dr. M. during my time in O-Chem 2. He genuinely wants you to succeed. He would even be on his email early on my exam days to answer any last minute questions I had. Do not let the pricier rate discourage you from choosing him as your tutor. I have spent money on even more expensive tutors before, but have never been so impressed as I am with with Dr. M. He sends you numerous text materials, practice questions, and sample tests in addition to providing you with a copy of his work for problems he works during your session. You get a lot of bang for your buck if you utilize all of the materials he sends you. Because of his years as a professor, he can also predict pretty accurately the concepts of questions that will show up on exams. I am pre-optometry, so it is crucial for me to understand organic chemistry for the OAT. Dr. M. did not disappoint in teaching in a way that helped me retain organic chemistry. Choose Dr. M.!

- Lee Ann E. from Plano, TX


Dr. M is the best! I decided to take organic chemistry this summer and he's been with me every step of the way! He is very patient with me and I don't feel discouraged when I don't get the right answer (which I've found to be the case with my professor). He goes above and beyond by giving me practice problems ahead of time and by sending me copies of the notes we make during our meetings so I don't have to frantically scribble down notes. I have a much deeper understanding of organic chemistry thanks to Dr. M! if you're looking for someone who can help you with organic chemistry, look no further!

- Lauren K. from Minneapolis, MN

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